Nick's Weekly Raffle!

Nick's Professional Supplies is now offering a new way to give our customers a fantastic product at a lower price, while adding a little fun to the mix!

You can enter the raffle as many times as you wish! See entries options below. Due to high levels of fraud, raffle entries may be purchased securely via PayPal by clicking the tickets below, or simply by sending a cash-app note to the cash tag below with the number of entries corresponding to each dollar amount sent, with a minimum of 15 entries.


This week, we are raffling off Nick's Bundle A!

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Or, pay with cash app! See cash tag below (please include Instagram handle or email when sending cash app payments)

Comes With:

- High Gloss Spray Wax (32 Oz)

- All Purpose Cleaner (32 Oz)

- Pink Foam Soap and Wax (1 Gallon)

- Foam Cannon

- 3 Micro Fiber Rags

- Nicks Professional Touch Shirt

- Follow Your Dreams Wristband

- Detailing Brush

- Two premium chenille pink mitts!